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About Transtyle Trailers

Transtyle Trailers is a solely Australian owned and operated business based in Carrum Downs, Victoria. We manufacture and supply high quality aluminium boat trailers in a range of lengths and load capacities to suit virtually every size craft. Our aim is to provide the best quality products and outstanding levels of service at affordable prices.

Our aluminium boat trailers are built for life using the best components available to ensure faultless service for many years to come.  When you look at our range of trailers, you’re seeing the result of a great deal of research and development over many years. We have combined the latest technology and methodology with a workforce that is passionate about quality and service.

Aluminium trailers are the future of boat trailers, and Transtyle Trailers is at the forefront of this demanding market.

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    Why is aluminium better than steel?

    Unlike traditional galvanised steel trailers, aluminium trailers will not rust and are built to last. With simple cleaning, your trailer will look just as good next year as it does today.

    However, the main benefit is that aluminium is exceptionally light. This means that you can tow a heavier boat or use a smaller vehicle. You’ll also use less fuel when towing with an aluminium trailer, as compared to steel.

    Modern steel galvanisation now produces a thinner galvanised coat, which may only last 2-3 years prior to rusting. Older processes, which added to pollution, did last longer but changing government regulations to minimise pollution have produced galvanisation with less effective rust prevention.

    Do your trailers rust?

    Unlike standard galvanised steel trailers, advanced aluminium trailers will not rust and are built to last. With just simple cleaning, your trailer will look as good as new.

    Why do you use torsion axles?

    Torsion axles also have the advantage of less maintenance, making them very user friendly.Torsion axles provide independent suspension, as each wheel acts independently for a smoother ride over any type of road. Torsion axles allow for the independent movement of each wheel, reducing shock transfer and dangerous trailer sway.

    Why is the trailer structure bolted together and not welded?

    We always bolt each trailer chassis together using stainless steel bolts, rather than welding the metal together. Welding creates areas of weakness within the chassis. Over time and under the stress of constant towing, these weld joins are susceptible to cracking.

    How do you stop the electrolysis between the aluminium and stainless steel?

    Electrolysis can occur when different metals are placed next to each other. Duralac paste is an anti-electrolysis, anti-corrosive joining compound widely used in the marine and aerospace industries. We use Duralac between the aluminium chassis and stainless steel bolts to prevent electrolysis and corrosion. It is very tough, flexible, and resilient against salt water.

    Why use vented disc brakes?

    Under the pressure of braking, motion is converted to heat. When brakes get too hot, they become less effective. This is known as brake fade. Vented disc brakes prevent brake fade because they have a set of vanes, between the two sides of the disc that pump air through the disc to provide cooling.

    Transtyle Trailers is the only trailer manufacturer in Australia to use vented disc brakes.

    What bunk system should I   choose?

    That will depend on the size and construction of your boat. We offer a keel roller and side bunk system or a multi wobble roller system, or a combination of the two! As our aluminium trailers are all custom made, we can design a bunk system that best suits your boat as well as your launching and towing needs.

    What size trailer do I need?

    Just call us on 03 9775 1762 and we will be happy to discuss which size trailer is best for you.

    How much do your trailers cost?

    Prices for our advanced aluminium trailers vary according to model and prices start at $6000 + GST. Call us on 03 9775 1762 to discuss pricing and models with a member of our team.

    How can I contact you?

    Visit our contact page here .


    Five year warranty

    • Torsion axle beams from structural defects
    • Torsion axle arms from structural defects

    One year warranty

    • Wheel rims from structural defects
    • Hydraulic Braking Equipment, including:
    1. Brake rotors
    2. Calipers
    3. Flexible brake line
    4. Brake master cylinder
    5. Break away switch and battery
    6. Brake actuator
    7. Wheel bearings (excluding water entry) 
    8. Jockey wheel and winch
    • Bunk and keel bracket system protected from structural defects 
    • Electric wiring, connector and lighting

    Two year warranty

    • Trailer frame from structural defects
    • Torsion axle rubber cords

    The following are not covered under warranty

    • Keel rollers
    • Wobble rollers
    • Cosmetic appearance
    • Incorrect/ unreasonable use or abuse of trailer
    • Damage cause by overloading, alterations or modifications
    • Accidents
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Failure to provide necessary and reasonable maintenance
    • Incorrect boat and trailer set up
    • Commercial use
    • Off-road use

    Please contact us for a copy of our full warranty terms and conditions.

    Talk to the aluminium boat trailer sales specialists on  03 9775 1762 .

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